Sunday, May 06, 2007


Today I'll deal with today's Sunday Scribblings prompt with a few odds and ends about "Ocean":

  • If I had to choose between the mountains and the ocean, I would, every time, pick the ocean. Sounds slightly odd, since I can't swim. But to me, ocean denotes warmth (though clearly not all oceans are warm) and mountains denote cold (which i hate above all else). Mountains also make me think of Colorado---while it may be where I love, it is NOT home. And never will be.

  • Our family didn't take a lot of trips to the beach when I was growing up. Sad, bc we didn't live too far--maybe an hour and a half drive? When we did go, it was always a day trip, never spending the night (except that one trip to the Outer Banks). What did the ocean always remind me of? Lots of sand stuck to my body, and a blistering sunburn (no matter how much sunscreen I used...I always missed a spot, and I never tan). Sand and sunburns? Quite a painful combo.

  • One of my most memorable trips to the beach was the weekend after 9.11. yes, THAT 9.11. i went with some of my former dormmates for a house retreat. and while it was nice, i don't remember it being fun. i just remember being super reflective. it was SO peaceful out there on oak island--how could something so dreadful have happened, and so recently? even worse, as i was looking out onto the ocean, watching and listening to the waves crash on the sand, i envisioned planes going down in flames. but i also remembered how fortunate i was to have so many special people in my life--and i felt grateful for the love i had.

  • I so wish i didn't burn so readily. bc one of my favorite things to do (on the rare occasions when i am able to do it) is to sit on the sand and watch the ocean. the combination of sun and water...honestly there is nothing better. and when the ocean is as beautiful as it is in the caribbean? well, even better.

i miss the ocean.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the ocean too, just sitting watching it is wonderful.