Saturday, November 04, 2006


It's easy to miss him when I am out on the town at night, searching hard to find that next new man, wishing that there was someone worth my time.

It's easy to miss him when I go shopping at his favorite store, or hear our song on the radio, or watch the movie we rented on our first date.

But there is no time that is easier to miss him than in the early light of the morning...when I wake up to find the sun streaming through my window, but no head resting on the pillow next to mine. There is no arm slung across my stomach, begging me to stay for just five more minutes. There is no one proposing we turn on ESPN so we can watch Lee, Kirk and Chris dissect the upcoming action on College Gameday. There is nothing in my bed but me and a sad little teddy bear, trying to take the place of its giver.

It's easy to forget that I ever loved him, but it's not easy to forget he was ever there.


AnnieElf said...

Sad words filled with reality. I wish you new love.

DJPare said...

Sad. Well written!

twilightspider said...

Heartbreaking - but just remember that it can only get better from here. Keep writing!